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Doll Repair FAQ

How much will it cost to repair my doll or bear?

I repair all types of dolls and collectibles, ranging from attaching a limb, to completely restoring an antique doll. The cost can range from $5 to $500. Quotes without a picture are difficult, so exact estimates can only be given after looking at several pictures of the doll or seeing it in person.

How long will it take?

Due to backlogs, plan on most repairs to take several weeks to complete. A simple repair can be sometimes completed while you wait, especially in the case of a childhood toy that they can not be without.

Is my doll worth fixing?

The majority of dolls and bears that are repaired are brought in for sentimental reasons. Even if the doll has little or no monetary value, many people chose to have it repaired because it has a special memory or has been in their family for generations. It seldom pays to have a doll repaired so that it can be sold again.

How much is my doll worth?

The values of a doll can not be estimated without seeing it in person. Values depend on condition, clothes, year of manufacture, rarity, and what the market will bear. Most current doll prices are determined by doing comparisons with completed sales on EBAY.

Will you buy my doll?

Yes, I do purchase dolls. Please ask for an estimate if you are wishing to sell a doll, toy, or collectible.

Dolls I am not Currently Appraising or Purchasing

Please note that not all dolls can be identified and appraised.  Many dolls sold in department and grocery stores are unmarked and it is hard to find reliable price information about them.  Tourist and souvenir dolls, cheaper doll typically made in the far east in the last 25 years, or local artist dolls are hard to value because there is not a large set of collectors buying and selling these dolls.  For these dolls I can only give the approximate age of the doll, and maybe where it came from.   

Collectible, Studio and Artist dolls

Starting in the late 1970's there were many Collectible and Artist dolls produced, with most made in China.  Many of these were sold in elaborate packages including artist documentation and certificates.  Below is a list of some of the artist and studios that produced these dolls.  This is a partial list and other names may be seen on dolls of this category.   Because of the number of these dolls coming on the market and the resulting low prices and price fluctuations,  I am not able to come up with a reliable valuation on these types of dolls.   I do not purchase these dolls:

Composition Dolls

Cleaning, painting, craze sealing, replacement of limbs, toes, or fingers, restringing

Leather or Kidalene and Cloth Body Parts

Disassembly, replacement, restoration, patching, cleaning.

Bisque Dolls

Restringing, repair of damaged parts, replacement of limbs, toes, or fingers.

Hard Plastic Dolls

Repairing cracks, restringing, replace parts


Vinyl Dolls

Restringing, replacement of limbs.


Cleaning, replacement, conditioning, and styling. Specializing in Shirley Temple style mohair redos.


Replacement, removal, repair, sizing and resetting sleep and stationary eyes.


Replacement, removal, cleaning, mending.

Plush (stuffed)

Restoring, cleaning, repairing.

Schoenhut Toys

Restring, repaint, and restore wooden toys.

Hamilton Mint

Franklin Mint

Danbury Mint

Paradise Galleries

Collectors Choice

Golden Keepsakes

Collector's Choice

Marie Osmond


Bookshelf Collectibles

Fun world

Beanie Babies 

Precious Moments

Bradford Exchange

Only Hearts Club

Bradley Dolls


Birthstone Dolls

Royalton Collection

Dynasty Doll

Best Friends

Duck House

Collectible Memories

Classic Treasures

Ashton Drake

Avon Collection

Regency Dolls

Crimson Colle